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Felt Vault - $309

An entry level BMX bike that’s no frills but all heart. Comes with a rear brake, pegs, and a micro-drivetrain for extra clearance on grinds.

Felt Brink - $469

A 24” big boy bike ready to dirt jump or just cruise.  Comes with rear brake and tough double-walled wheels to handle all the punishment you think you’re going to give it.

Felt Chasm - $419

We tried a bike with a Rasta motif once before and it didn’t go well but we’re Harlemites and understand the enduring significance of the Red, Gold, Black, and Green.  So Rally Round Rasta BMX’ers, and come and buy every one of these bikes.

Felt Ethic - $349

Think of it as the Vault with a Gyro headset.  Now are you man enough to be like Prince