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Felt Cafe 7 - $499

Comes with puncture-resistant tires, aluminum kickstand, safety bell and... (wait for it) a coffee cup holder. Nuff said. Available in Men’s and Women’s styles.

Felt Cafe 8 Deluxe - $619

Think Cafe 7 but with a rear rack, fenders, and one more speed. Why purchase these separately when you can get them in colors than match your bike? Available in men’s and women’s styles.

Felt Verza Regency - $699

At MODSquad we love Dutch bikes. Maybe that comes from our stint living in Holland. Or maybe it’s because Dutch bikes are simply elegant--the perfect getting around bike. Felt’s Verza City has a durable steel frame and trouble free internal 3-speed hub and comes in men’s and women’s styles.

Fuji Crosstown 4.0 - $389

Fuji knows simpler is better. That’s why they make the Crosstown 4.0, a low  maintenance 1x7 drivetrain at an unbeatable price. You won’t find higher quality for less. Comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

Fuji Sagres 4.0 - $379

With a redesigned frame the Sagres offers an easy to ride, low maintenance bike. The 26” wheels resolve most stand-over challenges for riders with shorter legs while delivering a sturdy and plush feel. Comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

Handsome Devil / She Devil - Frameset Only - $410

Everyone has a personality. Now every bike can too. Handsome Cycles Devil framesets are meant to reflect your velomeme. The Devil comes in both standard and mixte models, each with a slightly lower bottom bracket for smooth handling, and clearance for tires from 700 x 23 to 700 x 47 that allow you to feel speed or comfort as you prefer. They also fit fenders, racks, and all other accessories. However you choose to build it, Devils are an awesome everyday get-to-your-destination machine. Friend and foe alike will marvel at your panache... you handsome devil you.

Kona MinUte - $1049

We’ve been fans of Kona’s Ute since we opened in 2008. The MinUte is an even more perfect beast, offering a longer wheelbase and load capacity without the extreme length and weight of the Ute. In short, it’s the perfect cargo bike for New York City. Note--It also doubles as an awesome kid carrier.

Masi Speciale CX - $1150

If you want a bike that can handle it all, the Masi Speciale CX is your choice. Part cross bike, part city commuter, and part touring bike, the CX matches versatile gearing with a matchless steel frame and the ability to customize to fit your needs. A perfect addition to MODSquad’s offering of quality city bikes.

Fuji Saratoga 1.0 - $449

The Saratoga features a pedal-forward design that allows the rider to set their feet flat on the ground without getting out of the saddle and still be able to extend their legs fully while pedaling. The long wheelbase gives a stable ride, making the Saratoga ideal for new riders or anyone looking for a comfortable ride. Available in men’s and women’s styles