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Fuji Kit / Fazer 16” - $209

You’ll be surprised at how light Fuji makes their kids bikes. 16” bikes come as single-speeds, with training wheels, coaster brakes, and cool colors.

Fuji Princess Inari / Fazer 20”- $219

We think that once you try Fuji kids bikes, you’ll think twice about spending more for the same product by another name elsewhere. Fuji’s 20 inch single-speed bikes are bigger versions of their 16 inch models. They come without training wheels, but they can be attached.

Early Rider Lite - $159 (Pre 2 - 4 yrs old) / Classic - $179 (2-5 yrs old)

Early Rider balance bikes are a great way for your 2-5 year old to learn all about balance and steering. We think of these as pre-bikes and we like the cool wood finish that reminds us of childhood.

Fuji Dynamite 24 - $339

The Dynamite is for big kids. Kids who can ride, shift, climb, and descend with confidence but who are still too short to fit a small adult bike. So the Dynamite comes with 7 gears, hand brakes, and 24 inch wheels--you know, big kid’s stuff. A bike for the last gasp of childhood.