Single Speed & Fixed Gear

BROUGHAM_GREEN_1(1)Felt Brougham – $549

The Brougham is a super city bike for those who want a no-fuss, ride all day bike.  Comes with a flip-flop hub, a front brake and a clean simple look.  Avaialble in classic Ivy Green or low-profile Stealth Black.

2014_FUJI_Feather_Black_SIDEFuji Feather – $554

Single speed riding in NYC can be fun…and dangerous.  The Feather comes with front and rear brakes, a flip-flop hub, and formal black – appropriate for court dates and funerals.


TK3_1Felt TK3 – $899

Felt’s entry level track bike comes packed with punch.  Featuring  an Aero Track UltraLite Custom Butted 7005 aluminum frame and a carbon fiber fork, the Tk3 is  track-ready .