2014_FUJI_Crosstown_2.5_SO_SIDEFuji Crosstown 2.5 – $389
Our most basic bike for basic needs, like heading to the store or out to dinner.  The Crosstown comes with 21 total gears and a light aluminum frame.  Perfect for getting things done.  Comes in bold blue.

2014_FUJI_Absolute_2.3_Gunmetal_SIDEFuji Absolute 2.3 Step Thru & Step Over– $409
A versatile city bike with reliable Shimano components.  If your goal is to get from there to here with a little speed and not tons of effort, you’ve found your bike. Available in men’s and women’s styles.


2014_FUJI_Barnebey_7_LS_Blue_SIDEFuji Barnebey 7 – $439

We like the Barnebey because the step-thru frame and pedal forward design make it a great bike for new older riders or folks with hip or knee trouble.   Pedal-forward means that your feet can always touch the ground, even when sitting on the saddle and the low cross bar means no raising your leg to get going; just step thru.  The Barnebey comes with a light aluminum frame and seven gears, more than enough to get you round your errands and tackle a hill or two.

2014_FUJI_Absolute_2.1_Matte_Black_SIDEFuji Absolute 2.1 Step Thru & Step Over – $489
Same frame as the 2.3 but with an extra gear in the back (8-speed).  Also available in men’s and women’s styles and colors (oooo!)

72_1Felt Cafe 7 – $519
Most bikes this affordable don’t look so good or come so packed with features such as a lightweight lightweight a aluminum frame and fork and quality Shimano 7-speed drivetrain.  We think you’ll also like the the cup holder, safety bell and kickstand. It’s everything you need in a bike.

It’s a road bike with flat bars and mountain gearing.  The Verza Fit’s 24-speed drive-train make it a great bike for getting fit or getting around like you mean it. It’s also  lightweight (hint – good for Harlem walk-up’s).

If you like the look of the Verza 2 but want something a little more umph, try the Verza 1.   The Verza 1 is built for speed with a light aluminum frame, 9-speed drive-train, aero wheels, disc brakes, and integrated bar ends for comfort.  The perfect bike for serious fitness and long-commutes.

YORK_1Felt York – $829
Inspired by British road bikes of the past, the York is both practical – fenders to keep you dry in the rain and a front carrier for runs to the market – and beautiful.  A dual threat Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback hub helps keep your riding smooth and the living easy.